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Amicus LS FAQ
What is Amicus LS?

Amicus was created on the idea that the core aspect of a successful Linkshell is a good community of friends. In that respect, Amicus is a FFXIV Community.

What is Amicus' focus in game?

To have fun, and to enjoy the content FFXIV provides without the stress or atmosphere of a hardcore progression Linkshell. Amicus moves at the pace of it's members, and no faster. The idea is that with a strong community of like-minded individuals and stress-free environment...progress with game content will come naturally.

Who can join Amicus?

While there are no restrictions so to speak, there is the request that those interested in joining Amicus understand the community goal. There's not room for pushing progress, forcing min-max conditions and being the "best of the best" when it comes to this Linkshell. Likewise, negative attitudes and drama are two things avoided at all costs. Everyone has bad days, but when it affects the's not tolerated.

What do I do to join?

Simply use the site application to join, or contact a member of the Linkshell in game (primary contact is Taffu Aru).