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Macro's are a great thing, especially when it comes to changing gear and hotbar actions on the fly to accompany class changes and other conditions. Anyone who's played FFXI know's just how important macro's can be in almost every aspect of the game. Here's some information & tips to help new players get used to macro use.

What is a Macro?
Macro's are additional hot key's above and beyond your standard 1-10 hot keys that uses the Ctrl and Alt keys as modifiers. This has become standard key binding practice in modern MMO's to allow multiple action bars on screen and additional modifier bindings, but in FFXIV, you get one on screen hot bar (1-10 keys) and then Ctrl and Alt modifier "banks" of additional hot keys that are "Macros".

-There are 10 Macros per bar and 5 bars per modifier.
-100 total macro slots are available.
-Each macro can have 10 lines.
-Each line of a macro can have 100 characters (1000 characters per macro).
-You can set a title and icon for each macro.
-Using the up/down key while holding the modifier down will "page" your macro bars.
-You can copy/paste within the macro system (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V)

What are Macros used for?
Everything from equipment changes, to action bar assigning, to actually using an action. In FFXI, it was very common for a Macro to include both an action (ie. Weapon Skill, Spell, etc.) and gear changes to maximize the "effectiveness" of the ability, spell, etc. Because of the Action Bar setup in FFXIV, I found myself using macros much more for equipment and action slot assignment than for actually doing actions.

Equipment changes in Macros
The line /equip is used to changed gear, followed by the "slot" you wish to change. For example:

-/equip main "Weathered Cane"

This will equip a Weathered Cane into your main hand weapon slot, provided it's in your inventory. Capitalization & spelling are very important, FYI. Item categories that can be changed are: main, sub, throwing, pack, pouch, head, body, shirt, legs, garment, hands, feet, waist, neck, R.ear, L.ear, R.wrist, L.wrist, R.index, L.index, R.ring, L.ring. Likewise, if you just use the /equip command with a gear slot and no item name, it will unequip that slot. For example:

-/equip waist

This will unequip whatever item you currently have equipped in that slot. (Currently, you cannot use this method to unequip the Main Hand, Undershirt, and Undergarment slots).

Action Slot changes in Macros
You can use the macro system to assign Abilities & Spells to your action bar slots, also. For example:

-/equipaction 1 "Cure" main

This will set the spell "Cure" to action slot #1 on your action bar. The command script is:

-/equipaction or /eaction [slot #] [action name] [sub command]

Required fields are "slot #" and "action name", the sub command field is optional unless the ability is specific to the off hand slot (ie. Gladiator shield abilites), in which case you must specify "sub" or the macro will error.

Action use in Macros
Actions are much like the "equipaction" macro scripts except your simply doing the action rather than equipping it. The main difference is that you're defining the target within the macro line. The command script is:

-/action or /ac [action name] [sub command] <[target]>

The same rules apply, "action name" being a required and "sub command" being optional unless the action is off hand specific, in which case "sub" must be specified or the macro will error. For example:

-/action "Cure" <me>

This macro will cure yourself without needing to confirm the target. Alternately:

-/ac "Cure" <Ralpho Jenkins>

This macro will cure Ralpho Jenkins without needing to confirm the target. Another example:

-/action "Shield Bash" sub <target>

This will define the ability and specify the "off hand" ability as "sub" and act upon your current target.

Chat modes in Macros
You can utilize macros for chat-specific needs, too. For example:

-/chatmode [chat mode]

This will set the default chat mode to whatever you desire, (ie. Linkshell, Party, Say, etc.). The "echo" command is also paramount and was very popular in FFXI. Echo's are text-based reminders that you and only you can see in your chat box. They are very useful for creating reminders of when abilities are going to come off cooldown. I have not used this too extensively in Open Beta, but I have heard that the Echo command "is" functioning and can be used. The command for such is:

-/echo [Enter text]
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Thanks for posting this...I was trying to set up macros and was not having much luck at it. I will try some of these tomorrow and see what happens :) Thanks again
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