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by Taffu Aru on Oct 15, 2010 at 05:04 AM
Maintenance this morning completed about 1.25 hours earlier than expected (Wow!) and patch notes have been supplied. As expected, there has been a major revamp of the Market Wards.

A version update of FINAL FANTASY XIV was performed at the following time.

*The software client will begin updating automatically the next time you run FINAL FANTASY XIV.

[Date & Time]
Oct. 15, 2010 at 1:45 AM (PDT)

[Affected Service]

[Important Update Details]

- Market wards have been modified as follows:
* Wards are now assigned specific item categories.
* Items corresponding to a ward’s item category will receive lower tax rates than items that do not correspond to the category.
* For an example of the new ward names and item categories, please visit the following page:
( )

- Targeting and selecting a retainer will automatically open their Bazaar.

- The party bonus system (which awards bonus skill points for battles fought in a party) has been changed so that the bonus is awarded based on the number of fellow party members in the same area who are within the appropriate skill rank range, not simply the total number of party members.

* The party bonus system awards more points when there are more party members within the appropriate skill rank range.
* In this case, "appropriate skill rank range" means a skill rank no more than five ranks lower or higher than your own.

- The maximum numbers of crystals and shards each character and retainer is capable of carrying has been changed to 9999. This is a temporary measure and crystals or shards obtained in excess of this amount will automatically be discarded. The system is undergoing a fundamental redesign and adjustments will continue to be made.

- NPC display priority has been modified. This will ensure that important NPCs, such as Baderon, are displayed first.

- An issue where the retainer would not appear when summoned with the Summoning Bell has been fixed.

- An issue where the retainer would be visible to other players when summoned with the bell has been fixed.

- An issue where text commands could be used to equip items that the player should not have been able to equip has been fixed.

I especially like the "Target & Select opens Bazaar" changes, as having to use the main menu over and over again really slowed the process of searching down. I feel this is going to be a monumental change, for the better, assisting Square-Enix in making the point about their ground-up approach to player-run economy & market.
by Taffu Aru on Oct 08, 2010 at 06:24 AM
The wrap up for this morning's maintenance brings a list of changes!

A version update of FINAL FANTASY XIV was performed at the following time.

* The software client will begin updating automatically the next time you run FINAL FANTASY XIV.

[Date & Time]
Oct. 8, 2010 at 10:00 (GMT)

[Affected Service]

[Important Update Details]
- Made an adjustment to how experience points are distributed amongst party members. Instead of dividing a total number of experience points by the number of players who participated in the battle, it now distributes the total amount of experience points equally amongst all players in the party.

- The chat log will no longer close while entering text during the following processes:
- When viewing a bazaar
- When setting up a bazaar
- During gathering
- During synthesis

- An issue wherein a player would be unable to progress with the quest "Futures Perfect," if they join a party during the cutscene has been addressed.

- An issue wherein a player would be unable to start a levequest if they initiate a teleport at the same time has been addressed.

- Implemented a countermeasure for an issue which prevented players from gaining skill points during battle.

- An issue wherein the FINAL FANTASY XIV client would shut down when a player adds or removes a new party member has been addressed.

- An issue wherein players would take damage when executing a macro command for an area of effect action that is centered on themselves has been addressed.

- An issue wherein messages in tell, party, or linkshell chat would not go through properly has been addressed.

- Implemented a countermeasure for an issue where an item would not display properly under a certain condition.

- A rare issue wherein an item data would get corrupted during a server outage has been addressed.
* We have confirmed that if a player attempts to put this corrupted item into their bazaar, it would cause the server to go down. We are currently in the process of addressing this issue, but until then, we have temporarily restricted the bazaar function for players with these corrupted items. We will be providing an update on this situation once we have a better idea on when the the actual fix will take place. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

- An issue wherein the login queue would not work as intended during server congestion has been addressed.

- Implemented a countermeasure to prevent server outages under a certain condition.

- Other miscellaneous issues have been addressed.
* The previously announced improvements to the market system are currently in the final preparation stages and will be ready by the version update next week. Please keep an eye out for future announcements regarding this matter.

Likewise, they address class-specific NPC's that will play a role in future progress by listing them in detail for the "Ask the Dev's" FAQ addition: Ask the Dev's 10/8
by Taffu Aru on Oct 01, 2010 at 09:57 AM
It appears SE just dropped the ball regarding a new mechanic in FFXIV (or not new, but up until now unconfirmed). NPC Fellow-like "Path Companions" are introduced upon the onset of the fifth main scenario quest to help assist in further questing & missions in Eorzea!

Choosing a Path Companion (10/01/2010)

When players reach a certain point in the main scenario quests, they will be faced with an important decision—the selection of a Path Companion. We have prepared a simple guide to help.

At the onset of the fifth main scenario quest, players will be presented with the opportunity to select an NPC to join them in the search for truth behind the mysteries surrounding Eorzea. This NPC is known as a Path Companion., and players will be faced with several important decisions when selecting the one just right for them. After deciding on a class and nickname, players must also select the race and gender of their companion. The personality of NPC will vary greatly depending on which combination is chosen. The following is a list of the nine different types of personalities available:

Midland Hyur Male
A fine if somewhat conventional companion, possessing a strong sense of justice, an indefatigable spirit and…so on.

Midland Hyur Female
A gregarious though slightly egocentric young woman. If you can put up with her, she won’t let you down.

Elezen Male
Being a man wholly focused on his mission, this highborn fellow can seem rather curt, if not downright rude.

Elezen Female
A studious sort with exemplary manners. Serious and trustworthy, as you’d expect, but possibly a little…stiff for some tastes. Still, if you loathe over-familiarity, she may be just the companion—sorry, colleague for you.

Lalafell Male
It is said that a hero lies within us all. In the case of this rather sheltered young Lalafell, one might assume that the hero in question does so under his bed, hoping his harpy of a mother won’t think to look for him there. Will you be the one to coax him out?

Lalafell Female
Does your world want for a wealth of wordplay and wit? An abundance of alliteration, assonance aplenty and a soupcon of sibilance to seal the deal? Well, you were warned.

Miqo’te Female
A lady who knows what she likes, and likes a little bit of everything. Don’t be fooled by her coquettish manner and all-too-apparent charms; in her breast beats the fiery heart of a warrior. Not to worry, though, she’ll be gentle—assuming that’s what you like.

Roegadyn Male
When the going gets tough, it’s often nice to have a big, earnest, slightly credulous friend around—and they don’t come much bigger than this straight-talking Roegadyn.

Highland Hyur Male
Women, wine, war and women. Just four—alright, three of the things which tickle the fancy of this brute of a man. He doesn’t so much stand on ceremony as stamp on it until it stops moving.